She’s Considering Dropping Out Of Her Camping Trip After Finding Out That One Of Her Girlfriends Will Be Taking Her Kid

“Jen and I would not have known about the daughter coming if Kate’s husband didn’t mention it because Kate never brought it up to us.”

She and Jen recently spoke to Kate and told her they weren’t comfortable with her daughter going on their trip because they wanted to do adult things and didn’t want to have to worry about her. Kate then got defensive and called them selfish.

She said they should “dial back” the festivities and make the trip more kid-friendly for her daughter.

“Personally, I’d prefer that Kate not come at all if the only options are that or her bringing her daughter, but I cannot say that to her because I know she would react even more emotionally than she already has,” she explained.

“I don’t want to seem entitled or like I don’t have empathy for her situation, but I didn’t sign up to spend the weekend helping watch after her kid in the middle of the woods.”

Now, she’s considering dropping out of the trip. 

In addition, she originally figured that if she paid for the site herself, Jen and Kate could make up for the cost in drinks and groceries. But if she drops out, she wants Kate to send her money for her share of the site. 

Should she drop out of the trip or put up with Kate’s kid?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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