She’s Explaining How You Should Be Shopping For The Right Kind Of Concealer, And Why It Always Seems To Crease Under Your Eyes

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Regardless of your age and your makeup skill level, you’ve probably experienced some creasing and fine lines around your under-eye area. And that’s okay.

The skin under our eyes is just really delicate. The under-eyes are also the best way to tell if we’ve been getting enough sleep or not.

Whether we had a late night binging a TV show or have been dealing with stress lately, our under-eyes reveal it all.

So when we want to obscure our chaotic schedules from the world, under-eye concealers are the way to go.

However, finding an under-eye concealer that doesn’t crease and remains invisible all day isn’t easy, despite the many options that are available to us.

We often leave the house with a smooth, flawless finish, but then after checking out our reflections later in the day, it looked creased, cakey, and thick. It’s the most frustrating thing and leaves you wondering where you went wrong.

TikToker Alexis Androulakis (@thelipsticklesbians) is explaining how to shop for the right kind of concealer and why your under-eyes always seem to crease with concealer on.

Since the skin under your eyes is actually the thinnest skin on your entire face, it can get dry easily, even if the rest of your face is oily.

The dry skin impacts how the product wears down. So the more long-wear ingredients a concealer contains, such as sweat-proof, heat-proof, or transfer-proof formulas, the more film formers, and polymers it will have.

puhhha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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