She’s Sharing A Story About How Her Date Gave Her Exactly One Dollar To Help Pay For Their Meal

NDABCREATIVITY- illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A 32-year-old woman from New York is sharing a story about how her date gave her exactly one dollar to help pay for their meal.

TikToker Tricia Dupre (@triciadupre1) thought she had found a good guy. Unfortunately, she was proven very wrong.

Their first date had gone exceptionally well. Sparks were flying! They were on the date for six hours and had great chemistry. So they made plans to see each other again.

The following weekend, Tricia ended up bringing him to her Friendsgiving party. The week after that, they went to Thanksgiving at Tricia’s parents’ house.

Thanksgiving weekend was when Tricia developed the ick. It turned out that he was a closet alcoholic who projected his issues onto her.

He hid alcohol in her house and drank it while she was in the shower or when she wasn’t paying attention. He also told her that he wasn’t a drinker and that she needed to cut down on her drinking.

One day, they went to the mall, and he decided he wanted a snack. Tricia suggested that they get a soft pretzel to share. So they stopped at a restaurant and ordered some drinks.

Tricia then ordered a soft pretzel. Suddenly, he chimed in, telling the server he wanted a Margherita pizza and another drink.

The server asked for a card for the tab. After a few long seconds, Tricia handed the server her card because he had not moved a muscle.

NDABCREATIVITY- illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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