She’s Showing You How You Can Achieve The Look Of A Lip Stain Using Kool-Aid

Pixel-Shot- illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

During my childhood, Kool-Aid was the drink you just had to have on a hot summer day. Or any day, really.

Shockingly, I’ve only ever had Kool-Aid once in my life. It isn’t the healthiest beverage in the world, so it was no easy feat convincing my mom to buy some for me when I was a kid. But I begged and begged, and she finally caved.

However, I ended up spilling the bright red liquid onto the carpet and have never seen a drop of the drink since.

Recently, Kool-Aid has taken on a new purpose. It is no longer just a sugary drink for kids that stain carpets and upholstery but an affordable way to enhance your lips and give them some long-lasting color.

Grown women have been flocking to grocery stores to purchase a pack of the drink mix after the hack went viral on TikTok.

I might just have to jump in on the trend myself and make some new, more pleasurable memories with Kool-Aid.

TikToker Sarah (@sarah_wolak) is demonstrating how you can achieve the look of a lip stain using Kool-Aid. She chose to work with the black cherry flavor, hoping it would develop into a stunning shade.

First, she poured a tiny bit of water into a glass and added some of the drink powder. After stirring everything together, she dipped a Q-tip into the mixture and rubbed it onto her bottom lip.

However, it didn’t look like any color was showing up. So she dumped the rest of the packet into the glass and stirred again.

Pixel-Shot- illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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