She’s Talking About Her Worst Date Of The Year So Far When She Almost Died, And Her Story Is A PSA To Never Let A Guy Drive You On The First Date

Mike Mareen-, illustrative purposes only

TikToker Kayla (@kaybertina) is talking about her worst date of 2023. She almost died! Her story also serves as a PSA to never let a guy drive you on the first date.

So she met this guy after they were both leaving an event. They exchanged numbers, and he asked her on a date.

He made dinner reservations and offered to pick Kayla up. Kayla told him she had her own means of transportation, but he insisted on driving her.

On the day of the date, he pulled up to her place in the nicest Mercedes she had ever seen. It was also a convertible, which wasn’t really suitable for the weather since, according to Kayla, it felt like it was thirty degrees outside.

He also brought her a big bouquet of red roses. Then, they went to dinner. Everything had been going super well so far.

It was only after the dinner date that things went downhill. When they got back to his car, he asked Kayla if she wanted to drive down Rodeo Drive.

So they got into the car, and he started driving in the opposite direction of Rodeo Drive. As he was driving, he typed his address into his phone and asked Kayla if she wanted to go back to his place and watch a movie.

Kayla let him know that she had to be up early the next morning, but he brushed it off, saying he would have her home by midnight. On the way to his place, he zoomed through the streets, even running a red light.

Luckily, they reached their destination safely. Kayla plopped herself into a seat in his home theater with her arms crossed and her leather jacket still on.

Mike Mareen-, illustrative purposes only

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