Summer Is Approaching And The Days Are Getting Warmer: Here Are Some Trendy Nail Polish Colors To Capture The Essence Of The Season


Lavender just makes sense. It’s the next color on the spectrum people tend to drift toward after the ever-popular pink. The pastel purple works to ease the transition from spring to summer.


Silver and metallic shades are totally in right now. Apply tasteful silvery accents using rhinestones, or go for a sleek, chrome finish that gives off futuristic vibes.

Emerald Green

Emerald green is eye-catching, glamorous, and rich. Add a pop of white to make it stand out even more! This posh shade would also work perfectly for the fall.

Sage Green

If emerald green is a little too dramatic for your taste, choose something a little softer, like sage green. This color on your nails will make you appear to be really in tune with nature.

Soft Orange

A muted shade of orange will look great on long nails and covered with a layer of protective topcoat. It’s shiny and bright but not blinding. Orange surprisingly pairs well with a variety of colors, especially if they’re warmer-toned.

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