This Waitress Is Telling The Story Of How A Guy She Was Serving Got Stood Up On A First Date

Getting stood up is one of the most unpleasant things that can happen on a first date. When the realization dawns on you that your date won’t be coming, it can feel discouraging. Here is a sweet but sad story about a guy who got stood up.

TikToker Kaitlyn (@kaitlyn.toohey) is a server at a restaurant, and she’s telling the story of how a guy she was serving got stood up on a date.

When she went over to his table to introduce herself as his server, he informed her that he was on a blind date.

Kaitlyn asked if they met through a mutual friend or on a dating app. He told her that they had matched on Tinder.

She went to grab some water for his table and a bottle of Cabernet that he requested because he wanted to provide only the best for a first date.

Ten minutes later, Kaitlyn returned to ask if he wanted to order some appetizers to munch on while he was waiting for his date to arrive.

He declined, stating that he didn’t want his date to think he was rude for eating without her. Twenty more minutes had passed when a coworker questioned Kaitlyn about the guy sitting alone at the table.

Kaitlyn told her coworker that things weren’t looking so good since his blind date hadn’t even texted him about not showing up.

But she hoped his date would arrive soon because the guy seemed really nice and had even worn a suit for the occasion.

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