When It Comes To A Summery Appetizer, You Just Can’t Go Wrong With Chips And Dips, And She Has A Recipe For A Quick And Easy Mexican Corn Dip

fahrwasser-, illustrative purposes only

Have you been searching for the perfect appetizer to present at your next summer potluck or party? Instead of grabbing a container of something from the grocery store, make your own addicting dip.

When it comes to a summery appetizer, you just can’t go wrong with chips and dips. It’s simple, approachable, and always a crowd favorite, no matter what type of dip it is.

TikToker Clair Cook (@thesoutherlymagnolia) has a recipe for Mexican corn dip that’s out of this world!

Make sure to scoop out a considerable amount for yourself before setting down the bowl at the party. Once your guests taste a sample of it, it’ll be gone quicker than a flash of lightning.

But even if it is gone in a flash, it only takes mere minutes to prepare. So if you have extra ingredients, you can whip up a second batch and set out another helping for your eager guests.

First, add two cans of Rotel to a large bowl. Drain two cans of sweet corn and add those in as well. Next, throw in a can of drained summer crisp corn.

It’s crucial to get rid of as much moisture from the corn as possible to make certain that the dip stays thick and creamy rather than watery.

Mix everything together. Once the contents of the bowl are all properly combined, add two cups of mayonnaise and two cups of sour cream.

Dump in one package of taco seasoning and stir well, turning a heap of separate ingredients into one creamy concoction.

fahrwasser-, illustrative purposes only

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