A Guy Suggested That They Go Back To His House To Make Pancakes For Dinner On Their First Date, And Then He Wanted To Go Through Her Phone

Pancakes for dinner are definitely a vibe, but for a guy who was so insistent on him and his date cooking dinner for the said date, instead of going out to a nice restaurant, you would think he would pick something a bit more impressive.

That evening while they are hanging still at his place, he gets a message from a friend asking for dating advice and how he should approach DMing a girl that he likes.

Ariel asks her date what he would do if he were in his friend’s shoes, and after replying with a pretty basic answer, he asks Ariel what her advice would be.

She explained that she thinks it’s really attractive if a guy just asks her availability on the weekend and essentially it up front with a plan for them being up. Picking a time and place and getting to the point would stand out in this girl’s DM’s.

Ariel’s date disagreed with her advice and said that Ariel’s DM’s would be different from this girl’s because her Instagram looks different from hers.

Ariel was confused because she felt like she had a normal Instagram but thought that maybe her photos looked different from other girls just because of their difference in body shape.

Then, Ariel’s date kept asking if he could look through her phone, which she obviously thought was super strange.

“And then I start thinking, what does he have on his phone that’s so juicy? Because obviously, he’s expecting me to have the same kind of thing,” Ariel recalls.

After showing him some basic funny photos on her phone, Ariel then asks her date if they can go through his phone.

Of course, he immediately gets super defensive about it and says no. This leaves Ariel wondering what’s on his phone even more since it is so obvious he is hiding something on there.

After this off interaction, they spend some time hanging out; him playing the piano and her singing along. “It was actually quite wholesome,” Ariel says. Then head back to the couch, which was so uncomfortable that Ariel sat on the ground, and he sat right in front of her.

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