He Bought His Son An Expensive Car As A Graduation Gift, And His Ex-Wife Freaked Out On Him For Not Speaking To Her About This First

Aitor - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 43-year-old man spent 14 years with his 44-year-old ex-wife, but then they wound up getting a divorce close to 5 years ago.

They do have a son together, who is 18, and his son mostly lives at his house. His son does go to visit his ex-wife a couple of times each week.

His son has really been doing a great job this year, and he has been working hard in school as well as pitching in a ton at their house.

Additionally, his son has been helping him and his new wife with their toddler son, and his wife is also pregnant with their second child together and really struggling.

“My son has also been working a job on the weekends to save up for a car he really wants. He is set to graduate in a few weeks,” he explained.

“I’ve really noticed how hard my son has been working for the past year and how much he is contributing to the household the past few months. So as a graduation gift, I wanted to get him something special for all his efforts.”

“The car my son wants would definitely take him a few years to save up for, so that seemed like a great gift. So I bought him the car he wanted as a gift, and he really enjoys it. It was definitely an expensive gift for an 18-year-old, but he deserved it.”

A few days ago, he was shocked to receive a few texts from his ex-wife, who literally freaked out on him for purchasing their son a pretty pricey car.

His ex thinks that he should have spoken to her first before just buying their son the car. He replied back to his ex that their son is technically an adult now, she he didn’t need to ask her about the car in order to get it for him.

Aitor – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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