He Wants To Secretly Ask His Mom To Give Him Money For A New Place To Live Because His Wife Is Completely Against This

They could either get the money as a loan, gift, or advance on their inheritance. He felt this wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary, as many people get to a point where they need to ask their parents for money. 

However, his wife hates that idea and firmly said no. She said her family is aware of how much they’re struggling but still wouldn’t give them money and that his family would probably feel obliged to help even though they probably can’t afford to.

“I don’t think that is true, honestly,” he explained. “I think they could probably afford to advance us on [our] inheritance and just remove me or lessen what I get, which would be fine with me.”

He thinks his wife has too much pride, and he’s struggling to drop the idea of reaching out to his family for help.

Now, he wonders if he should do it without telling his wife. The worst thing that would happen is for his mom to say no. In that case, he believes his wife would never find out about their conversation anyway.

He claims his mom is “an absolute vault” and would never tell his wife about him asking her for money.

However, he would feel bad about going behind his wife’s back, and putting that kind of pressure on his mom isn’t great either.

Should he ask his mom for money without his wife knowing or respect her wishes and drop it?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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