He Wants His Wife To Share Her Inheritance, But She Said It’s Not Her Fault That His Parents Don’t Have Money

rh2010 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While many people get stressed over talking about inheritances and what people will leave behind when they pass quite early, before anyone actually passes, it’s still an important conversation to have so you know what to do in the future and avoid drama.

One man has been arguing with his wife, as he expects her to put the entire inheritance she’ll one day receive from her parents into their joint bank accounts. However, she feels she should be able to keep it to herself.

He and his wife are both 36 and have a young baby together. They make almost the same amount of money from work, but he makes around 10% more than her.

They’ve gone back and forth a few times on what they should do with their money as a married couple.

“I’m alright with putting everything into one big pot or keeping some amounts separate with some contributions to a joint pot,” he explained.

“So far, what we’ve landed on is the latter. We keep most earnings separate, but each contributes to a shared pot, though I contribute a bit more because I earn a bit more. Recently, my wife has expressed misgivings over this arrangement because our money is ‘”siloed.'”

His wife felt left out, given their former arrangement, and wanted to know more about where he was at financially. He had no issue with this and agreed to put everything into their joint account.

However, his family’s financial situation will change drastically when his wife’s parents eventually pass away, and she receives a large inheritance.

“What I’ve told her is that if we put all our earnings into a shared pot, I would hope that she do the same with her inheritance,” he said.

rh2010 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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