Her Bad Date Started Out With Having To Sit In The Back Seat Of A Guy’s Car To Wait For A Boot To Be Taken Off, But Then When They Got Ice Cream, He Kept Saying He Couldn’t Believe She Ate The Whole Thing

“I have no idea why we couldn’t just like sit in the front of his car and talk and wait, but for whatever reason, we just like sit side by side in the back,” Bailey says.

Although they were making okay conversation, things just felt sort of awkward to Bailey, and she could tell at this point that she probably would not pursue another date with this guy.

Once the boot has been taken off of the car, they can finally start the actual date. Only spanning about an hour, they play some mini golf and pick up some ice cream.

While she thought the date itself wasn’t terrible, the guy’s next comment made Bailey feel so uncomfortable.

“When I finished my ice cream, and he didn’t finish his, he’s like, ‘I can’t believe you finished that like I can’t believe you ate all of that ice cream.’ And he just keeps making that joke over and over again, and I just like didn’t think it was very funny,” recalls Bailey.

Despite this, Bailey didn’t end the date there. Her date suggested that they go back to her apartment to watch a movie, and she agreed to the plan. One of her roommates was using the living room TV, so they headed into Bailey’s room to find something on Netflix.

“We’re sitting on my bed watching Good Burger, and he then he turns and is like clearly trying to kiss me, and it’s just like one of those situations where I felt like it would have been more awkward to dodge his kiss,” Bailey says.

She starts to realize that this guy is super into her already. In addition to kissing her, her date starts to tell her how great and beautiful she is.

Bailey feels pretty confused because they have only known each other for a couple of hours, and definitely does not feel the same way towards him already. She felt like the date with him was pretty mediocre and awkward.

Bailey reaches the point where she doesn’t want to be hanging out with this guy anymore and definitely doesn’t want him in her room any longer.

She gets up and tells him that she needs to take her car to her sister ASAP. He asks to join her, but she tells him that he should just go back to his apartment.

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