He’s Moving Out Of His Mom’s House And Feels Like His Attractiveness Will “Skyrocket” After Getting His Own Place

Folenial - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old guy currently lives at home with his mother. But he recently found an apartment that is pretty cool and plans to move out in the near future.

And for him, this change is exciting for one main reason.

For context, he detailed how he has never really been great with women. Sure, some ladies are attracted to him.

“But I don’t have much experience, and I usually end up getting dumped or not even asking them out,” he revealed.

Thankfully, his dating track record has improved over the last few months since he has been frequenting the gym and going out to socialize more.

However, now that he is getting his own place, he thinks that will seriously boost his dating game.

“Why do I have the burning feeling that my attractiveness is gonna skyrocket once I have my own place?” he asked.

That’s why he recently turned to Reddit to find out if other peoples’ perceived attractiveness increased once they finally moved out and started living solo.

Apparently, he believes that his attractiveness will increase for two reasons. First, he will be able to bring whoever he wants home without having to answer to his parents. Second, he feels like simply having his own space will just make him more confident.

Folenial – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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