Her Boyfriend Is Threatening To Dump Her Because She Told Him She Won’t Delete Every Single Guy That She’s Friends With Off Social Media

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This girl has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for a year and a half now, and her boyfriend has made it clear to her that he is not ok with her being friends with guys at all.

She does understand where her boyfriend is coming from with this, as she’s under the impression that many men believe that girls and guys can’t be friends because of “how a guy’s mind works.”

The thing is, every guy that she is friends with she has never done anything with. They have only ever been her friends, and nothing between them has ever gone in a romantic direction.

Also, most of her friends are guys that she grew up with and has known throughout her entire life.

Every single guy friend that she has is someone who has been in her life well before her boyfriend even came into the picture.

“I stopped hanging out with my male friends because he didn’t like it,” she explained. “If I did see them (rarely), it was in group settings, but nothing more than that.”

“He asked to see all my Snapchats from the past year, and there were guys on there, but 75% of them were left on read, and it was mostly harmless stuff like swiping up on a story, wishing happy birthday, etc.”

“If it wasn’t that, it was me catching up with a friend from high school, but never anything beyond platonic, no flirting. He told me he was disgusted with how many guys I had on social media and told me I should delete all of them if I really cared about him.”

Her boyfriend then tried to say that if he meant anything to her, she would have no problem deleting every single guy off of her social media accounts.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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