Her Boyfriend Smells Awful And Doesn’t Wear Deodorant, But He Doesn’t Think He Has A Problem

Graphicroyalty - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 25-year-old girl has a boyfriend who is 29, and they have been together for the last six months, and the worst thing about her boyfriend is that he smells terrible about 90% of the time.

She thinks her boyfriend is wonderful, but when he smells like crazy, she doesn’t want to be near him at all.

He smells so bad, in fact, that her whole room ends up stinking. On top of that, she has a hard time falling asleep because all she can focus on is how gross he is.

“It is to the point where it is affecting me wanting to stay with him because I can’t put up with the stink,” she explained.

“I haven’t proposed it as an ultimatum, but I’ve been pretty upfront about things and even got him a deodorant he was curious about which he continues to leave at my house (and it appears on purpose, he will take it out of his bag).”

What makes this situation even more unfortunate is that her boyfriend refuses to wear deodorant because he insists he doesn’t smell.

He obviously doesn’t see the truth of the situation because he’s not exactly coming across as fresh as a daisy.

Also, she said her boyfriend really does not shower enough, so that’s not helping anything, either.

“I’ve been nice about it, honest about it, all the things about it… what do I do?” she wondered.

Graphicroyalty – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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