Her Husband’s Whole Family Abandoned Him At Their Wedding, And When It Came Time For Their Reception, Her Husband Almost Cried Because None Of Them Were There

ostap_davydiak - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman recently got married to her husband, and everything did not go as planned. This all basically comes down to her husband’s Uncle Pete, who has been struggling with substance abuse problems.

Uncle Pete even lost custody of his children over this, and his parents are currently raising them.

It really irritates her that Uncle Pete’s parents just enable him and never make him take any kind of responsibility for his bad actions.

As soon as she and her husband did start the process of planning their wedding, they made it crystal clear that Uncle Pete was not on the guest list.

She and her husband then invited her husband’s grandparents, but on their invitation, they put down that only they and the kids were allowed to come; not Uncle Pete.

Well, the evening before their wedding, her mother-in-law called her to mention that Uncle Pete had gotten his act together and would be attending the wedding.

“My husband and I said no,” she explained. “He wasn’t invited, he’s not coming. That simple. Maybe we can talk to Uncle Pete sometime soon and rekindle things, but not now. Not on our day.”

“She threw a fit. She said, “If he’s not coming, then we won’t be there,” and in a haste, we said, “Fine then.” She hung up the phone.”

“A family friend called us and told us that they would absolutely be at the wedding and that they were wrong to say they wouldn’t come. So we go about our night, thinking things will be okay – if not tense – in the morning.”

ostap_davydiak – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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