Her Stepmom And Dad Are Planning To Use The Same Name She Has Already Picked Out For Her Daughter

They never publicly announced their future daughter’s name, but she told her dad a few times that she was planning on using the name Elizabeth.

However, things started falling apart when her dad and stepmother revealed their daughter’s name on social media.

They posted a picture of their baby girl’s name embroidered onto a blanket. They will also be naming their daughter Elizabeth.

She and Elle had multiple conversations in the past about what names they were thinking of using, and Elle never brought up Elizabeth.

However, Elle decided on that name in honor of her best friend Beth, who passed away last year. Her dad and Elle will plan on calling their daughter Lizzie for short.

“If I’m being honest, I’m upset by it,” she said. “I picked the name first. It holds a lot of meaning to me.”

She told her dad and Elle they needed to pick a different name because she had already chosen Elizabeth for her daughter and that things in their family would get confusing if their daughters had the same name.

Elle told her she wouldn’t budge on the name since she had her heart set on naming her daughter after her late friend.

When she spoke with her dad, he stood by Elle and told her they’d be naming their daughter Elizabeth no matter what.

Her dad told her she was acting selfish for thinking she could decide who uses the name and believing her reasons for naming her daughter Elizabeth are more important than Elle’s.

Then, her dad told her that his daughter was more likely to be born first, so he and Elle would be using the name Elizabeth, and she’d have to pick something else.

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