Her Uncle Left Her His Successful Company, And Her Family Is Furious She’s Not Sharing Her Inheritance

On the other hand, Mark technically works for them too, but he only works about four hours a week and hasn’t seemed to care much about it.

“I’ve heard all my cousins and my aunt talk about how watchmaking is stupid and that it’s too much for something that only tells you the time,” she explained.

“So, it never [seemed] like they were interested in the company.”

Unfortunately, her Uncle Jack suddenly passed away two months ago. At his funeral, Marissa approached her and told her she was planning on selling the watchmaking company because she felt it was useless to her family.

Then, Marissa said she’d reconsider selling if she could come up with an offer.

“I was heartbroken,” she remembered. “I just lost my uncle and was probably going to lose my job because there was no way I could get the money.”

But then, at her uncle’s will reading, everything changed. Jack’s money was divided equally between Marissa, herself, and her cousins.

Marissa got their house. However, she was left ownership of the entire watchmaking company. Once Marissa heard the news, she was furious.

Now, she’s caught between a lot of drama amongst her family. Her grandparents, the founders of the company, are on her side.

However, she has extended family vouching for her cousins since it was their biological father’s company, and she’s been accused of being a thief.

She’s also been receiving constant threats from her cousins, saying they will battle her in court and “destroy her” for taking over the company.

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