He’s Suspicious That His Therapist Is Using ChatGPT To Reply To His Messages

“I have [run] the text through three detectors with 100% positive A.I. detection results,” he explained.

“I’ve also copy and pasted my question to her directly in ChatGPT, and I’ve gotten back similar responses with basically the same gist.”

He decided to confront her in the chat, and his therapist denied using A.I. She did apologize and say that she often uses the ‘voice to text’ feature on her phone, which could explain the tone of her message. However, he doesn’t buy that excuse. 

“I really don’t blame her because therapists are so overworked and have so many patients to get to, but I’m still sad about it,” he explained.

“I’m feeling really hurt and betrayed because I have built up a lot of trust with this person, and I’ve been paying for this service.”

Should he drop his therapist and look for someone else?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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