His Girlfriend And Their Handsome Neighbor Took An Evening Walk Together, So He’s Suspicious Of Their Relationship

Artem - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old guy has a girlfriend who is 30, and pretty recently, his girlfriend went on an evening walk with their handsome neighbor.

Now, this is really concerning to him because his girlfriend pretty much never permits him to talk to any other girls aside from her, let alone hang out with them.

But then, here his girlfriend was hanging out with their neighbor and his dog too. His neighbor is on the shorter side, and when he confronted his girlfriend about the walk, she brushed him off by saying she doesn’t like guys who are short.

“I told her that I thought it was a little hypocritical of her because we never really interact with him and his girlfriend besides politely saying hi when we meet each other,” he explained.

“She excused this quite unusual behavior by saying she would feel embarrassed and rude if she didn’t walk with him and his dog now that they bumped into each other in the hallway.”

“And to a point, I understand, I am the same way on different occasions regarding not wanting to be rude.”

He and his girlfriend do currently live in Copenhagen, and it’s not abnormal for people to be shy about interacting with one another.

His girlfriend is totally on the shier side when it comes to being a people-person, and although he doesn’t have a lot of experience with his neighbor, from what he has seen of him, this guy is also really reserved.

So, the fact that his girlfriend and his neighbor hung out that night has really been upsetting him.

Artem – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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