She Asked Her Boyfriend To Stop Wearing The Cologne He Just Bought Because It’s The Same One Her Ex Used To Wear, And He Got Upset

sorin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Is there a distinct scent that brings you back to a certain moment or event from your past?

One young woman recently had to ask her boyfriend to stop wearing a cologne he had just bought because it was the same one her ex used to wear.

She and her boyfriend are both 23 and have been dating since they were 19. They were together through their college years and moved in together after graduation.

She’s currently in graduate school, and her boyfriend is a middle school teacher. Although money is tight, she loves to save up and invest in nice perfumes. 

“Even though it is expensive, it is worth it for how confident it makes me feel every day,” she said.

“I recently encouraged my boyfriend to do the same because he can feel really guilty spending money on himself, but he deserves to feel confident too.”

One day she came home and saw that her boyfriend had followed her advice and ordered himself some new clothes and cologne.

She was so happy to see him treat himself, but her heart sank when she smelled the cologne he bought.

She was in a very terrible relationship with a guy for two years, starting when she was 15. It took years for her to get on the road to recovery, and her current boyfriend was always very supportive and did his best to help her heal.

sorin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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