She Fell In Love With A Guy Who Has A Long-Term Girlfriend, And Now He Says He’s Going To Leave His Girlfriend For Her

snedorez - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This girl has ended up falling in love with a guy who has a long-term girlfriend, and she originally found out about the fact that she was his mistress about a year ago.

When she learned the truth, she was hurt, mad, and let down all at the same time. She actually did cut contact with him without giving him a reason why.

She ended up finding out about him being in a relationship through friends that they have in common, and then she learned that the photos he had sent her of his dog, his apartment, and his car all turned out to belong to his girlfriend, not him.

Anyway, after pretty much ghosting him for a whole year, she wound up reconnecting with him, and she thinks it’s just meant to be or fate intervening.

He is still with his girlfriend, but he promises that he’s going to leave his girlfriend soon in order to be with her.

So, she has spent time with him recently and gone on dates with him too, and she’s aware his girlfriend has no idea about them being together at all.

It does make her feel bad, as she has been in his girlfriend’s place before, and it does hurt to be left for someone else.

She decided to ask her loved ones what she should do in this situation, and they all think that she should give him a chance since she’s in love with him, and he says he’s in love with her too.

“I asked advice from my dad,” she explained. “My father said it’s not my job to tell her. In the meantime, he keeps calling and texting, saying he would even go as far as marry me because he’s truly in love.”

snedorez – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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