She Found Her Boyfriend’s Secret Conversations With His Best Female Friend, And It Broke Her Heart To See That This Girl Has Been Sending Him Steamy Photos

PhotoBook - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 24-year-old girl has a boyfriend who is 25, and they have been in a long-distance relationship for over 3 years.

At the beginning of their relationship, they really struggled and had a tough time. They even decided to take a break, but then they got back together, and from that point on, everything wasn’t so tough for them.

They started communicating more effectively, their conversations became funnier and kinder, and they stopped having disagreements.

She feels very close to her boyfriend now, and she thought everything was great between them. Well, that all changed pretty recently when he took her on a 4-day long vacation.

On the very first day of their trip, she noticed her boyfriend had a secret, locked chat with his female best friend.

Her boyfriend has been close to this friend since they were back in elementary school, and this friendship never made her suspicious.

“He opened the secret chat with her when he was seated next to me,” she explained. “The secret chat has a self-destructive timer, and it automatically deletes messages after the stipulated timeframe (could be a few seconds to a day and a week).”

“I saw one picture of herself in a bra with hickeys on her neck, with the caption, “Look what you’ve done to me.” I kid you not, my heart literally skipped a full beat. I couldn’t believe it. Did I see things wrongly? I wish I had the heart and guts to confront him right there and then, but I couldn’t.”

“I stuck myself out for the next 4 days, and it has got to be the most painful experience when I do not have the answers. On the last night, I gave in and checked his phone while he slept. In the chat were more [steamy] pictures of herself, [racy texts], and how much they missed each other. I’ve never had a panic attack in my entire life, but I suffered from one that night. I was so hurt and blindsided.”

PhotoBook – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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