She Had A Bad Sleepover With A Guy, And When He Left, She Quickly Took All Of Her Bedding To The Dry Cleaners

As it starts to get later, Katie offers her date to stay over for the night since he has had 3 beers at her house already. He asks her if he can take a shower, which Katie initially probably thought was a good thing, but she would not think that for long.

“He goes to the bathroom and takes a shower with the door wide open. Gets out of the shower. He’s drying himself in the doorway, completely without clothes. So I’m doing everything I can to, like, keep eye contact,” Katie says.

It is past midnight at this point, and Katie tells him that she needs to go to bed because she gets up really early for work. He asks her if he can watch a movie, and she allows it. What she did not accept was his next request.

“And then he goes, ‘Hey, do you have a nail clipper?’ and I’m like, ‘I’m sorry a what?’ and he’s like, ‘A nail clipper’ he’s like ‘I have some really bad ingrowns.’ I was like, ‘No. No, I don’t. No.’ says Katie.

Katie then gets into bed wearing the biggest clothes she can find. And while he instantly falls asleep, she is left tossing and turning throughout the whole night.

She gets up around 4 AM to start getting ready for work. By 6:15 AM, she wakes up the guy and tells him that he needs to leave before she has to head out.

“So he goes in my bathroom again…with the door open…In my bathroom. In a one-bedroom apartment, with the door open. We went from knowing each other for 48 hours to being married for 15 years,” Katie says.

He finally leaves, and as soon as he does, she grabs all of her bedding off of her bed to take to the cleaners ASAP. This, unfortunately, would not be the last that Katie would hear from this guy, though.

He was still texting and calling her a lot after this second date of theirs. She would respond every once in a while but mostly ignored him. One morning, she woke up to 13 missed calls from him.

After not hearing anything from this guy in a week or so, she gets a text from him saying that he is in town and asks to hang out.

“I was like, ‘You have to realize that, like, that night was a mess, right? Like that was terrible.’ And he’s like, “Why? Was I rude? Was I loud? Did I eat like a slob?’. I wanted to be like, ‘Bro, all of the above! All of the above!’ Katie retells.

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