She Thought A Guy Was Taking Her Out For A Fancy Dinner And A Surprise, But Instead, He Made Ham And Cheese Sandwiches And Took Her To Some Random High School Football Game

Andrey_Arkusha - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

What’s the worst first date you’ve ever been on? For one woman, her worst date involved a high school football game and ham and cheese sandwiches.

TikToker Chelsea Flagg (@chelsea_flagg) is talking about the time a guy claimed he would take her out for dinner and a surprise. It definitely turned out to be a surprise, but not one that Chelsea was excited about!

When Chelsea accepted the offer, she was expecting to have dinner at a fancy restaurant. So on that fateful Friday night, she got all dressed up.

She hadn’t eaten that day because she was preparing to fill her stomach up at whatever restaurant they visited.

But when he picked her up from her place, he handed her a paper bag. Inside the paper bag were two homemade ham and cheese sandwiches, which would be their dinner.

At that point, Chelsea was rethinking the entire night and whether it was too late to back out. But she decided to roll with it.

Before biting into the sandwich, Chelsea peeled off the top piece of bread and removed the ham because she was a vegetarian.

Chelsea’s date looked at her like she had grown two extra heads. Then, after explaining that she was a vegetarian, he started peppering her with questions about her diet, asking what she ate every day and how she could even function without eating meat.

Chelsea reassured him that it wasn’t a big deal. But then he smacked the sandwich out of her hand and said she shouldn’t eat it because it had touched meat.

Andrey_Arkusha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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