She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Took One Look At Her Outfit And Said That He Had Seriously Planned To Wear That

ChesterAlive91 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever brought your friends along to spy on you during a first date?

TikTok creator and musical artist Lola (@musicbylola_) shares a story about a date that she went on and had her friends tag along. But her date made a comment that she wasn’t sure how to respond to.

Lola and her roommate had a nightly routine of walking around campus together, chatting, hanging out, and sometimes grabbing some Starbucks. Sometimes they would bring other friends along on their famous walks, and one night they had two of their guy friends with them.

The four of them were walking around campus together when someone brought up a funny video they had seen online. In the video, a girl had gone on a date, but then her friends decided to go sit at another table and spy on their friend’s date.

Lola and her group of friends decided that would be something fun for them to do. So, that night they all downloaded dating apps. They wanted to do this ASAP so that there was no real time to get to know the person that they matched with.

The rule was whoever was the first person to get a match would be the person whose date they all would spy on.

Lola ends up being the first person to get a match and a response, so she’s the one who gets to go on a date. Now, it was time to plan it.

Not only did Lola and her date have to check their schedules for when would be best to meet up, but Lola also had to check in with her 3 friends and their schedules!

Lola decides to meet her date at one of her favorite spots for some ice cream. Despite this, she was definitely not looking forward to going on this date.

ChesterAlive91 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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