She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Was Super Boring, But Then He Kept Asking Her To Go On More Dates And Couldn’t Take A Hint That She Wasn’t Interested

Then, Grace’s date took to Snapchat to start bugging her there. He’d send her multiple cringey selfies with zero writing or context on the app. She left them all on ‘opened’ and wouldn’t reply, especially since he wasn’t even trying to spark up a conversation.

Grace hoped he would’ve taken the hint that she wasn’t interested, but he kept going.

He’d send her memes and pictures she didn’t find funny, and one day he sent her seven Snapchats in a row, desperately trying to get her to hang out with him.

Things came to a head when this guy replied to a picture Grace had posted of her cat on his birthday.

He had sent a sarcastic message, apologizing for getting Grace’s cat’s name wrong in the past. She replied, saying, “He is my baby son.”

Then, this guy took the cat-related conversation to a whole other level.

He went on a whole tangent about how he wanted to “bag” Grace and finally asked if her lack of responding was a sign that she was not interested.

She snapped and answered him, telling him that she only met him for two hours, so she didn’t know him that well. Grace also explained that she hates being pestered about plans.

The guy asked Grace if his “enthusiasm” about making plans with her came off as “naggy,” and she said yes.

The following day, she was blocked by him on Snapchat.

“Thank the lord,” says Grace.

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