She Went To A Wedding With Her Ex-Boyfriend, And The Bride Wouldn’t Let Her Into The Reception Because She Knew The Bride Had Once Considered Breaking Off The Engagement

“She didn’t seem mad at me, though.”

Well, about six months ago, she found out from Dave that Ally and Jay were tying the knot. Plus, Dave was allowed to bring a plus-one and intended to bring his girlfriend to the event.

Unfortunately, Dave’s girlfriend was called in to work at the last minute and was not able to go. So, she wound up attending the wedding with her ex-boyfriend instead.

Anyway, once the ceremony ended, she decided to go up to Ally to congratulate her on the nuptials. Yet to her total surprise, Ally just pulled her aside and was absolutely furious at her.

“Ally was so sure I was going to tell Jay that she wanted to leave him before that Ally wanted me gone,” she revealed.

Ally’s new husband, Jay, could tell that something was off, too. So, he later approached her to see if everything was alright, and she reassured Jay that she and Ally were fine.

But, later at the reception, Ally actually asked the venue staff not to let her into the event. That’s why, ever since the wedding, she’s been left wondering whether going with her ex-boyfriend was the wrong thing to do.

Should she have known that the bride wouldn’t want her at the wedding or not? Do you think the bride’s reaction was strange? If you had been in her shoes, would you have gone with your ex?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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