She’s Furious With Her Sister-In-Law For Giving Her Young Kids Adult Strength Cough Syrup During A Sleepover

Miljan Živkovi? - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

I despised taking children’s cough syrup or any medicine in syrup form as a kid. The taste disgusted me, and I’d make a fuss whenever I had to take it. 

One woman is fuming with her sister-in-law after she gave her young sons cough syrup during a sleepover at her house when she’s specifically asked her not to for medical reasons. 

She has two sons. One is six, and the other is 11. Recently, her sister-in-law asked if they could stay at her house for Memorial Day weekend because they’d be having a celebration for the holiday and a birthday party for their daughter.

She and her husband were fine with the weekend sleepover. They dropped their sons off on a Friday and picked them up the following Monday morning. She called them periodically during their stay to check in, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. 

That is until she arrived at her sister-in-law’s house around 9:00 am on Monday and noticed they were still asleep. This was very odd since her sons are usually early risers and have been since they were little.

That’s when her sister-in-law said they were probably still asleep “because of the cough syrup.”

“I asked what she meant, and she tells me that apparently, she gave both my son’s an entire cap full of cough syrup the night before because they weren’t feeling well and started developing a slight cough,” she recalled.

This infuriated her. Her younger son has asthma, and she’s heard from doctors, including her mom, that children with asthma should not be given a cough suppressant, which makes it harder for them to get rid of phlegm that can collect in their lungs and airways.

She’s told her sister-in-law multiple times before the sleepover that she doesn’t give her kids cough syrup. Despite that, her sister-in-law gave her sons a capful of extra-strength nighttime cough syrup for adults.

Miljan Živković – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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