She’s Refusing To Co-Sign Her Stepdaughter’s College Loans, Because Her Stepdaughter Could Easily Qualify For Tuition Benefits, But Just Won’t Apply

Her stepdaughter was accepted to a university that costs $25,000 per semester, too. And at that specific school, every freshman is required to live on campus and have a meal plan for their first year.

Rather than using the benefits she knows her stepdaughter qualifies for, though, her stepdaughter has instead asked her and her husband to co-sign on student loans. Apparently, her husband’s ex is refusing to do it for her stepdaughter.

She has also tried to explain numerous times that applying for the VA Educational Benefits is a much better route to take. However, her husband’s ex has been telling her stepdaughter that the application will not get approved.

“Which is false. This is my job. I know the ins and out’s of these benefits like the back of my hand,” she argued.

Aside from that, she and her husband simply are not financially capable of co-signing student loans– mainly because her husband is still fulfilling child support obligations.

Nonetheless, her stepdaughter has refused to apply for the benefits– despite the fact that she is eligible– simply because her husband’s ex has led her stepdaughter to believe that the application will be a “waste of time.”

So, she and her husband were forced to tell her stepdaughter that they simply would not co-sign student loans when there was an opportunity to have the tuition paid for otherwise.

“She is just… refusing to listen to us and is listening to her mother, which is going to bite her in the butt,” she said.

“Her mother is telling her that we are wrong when I have worked this job for 12 years and know what I am talking about.”

In spite of that, her stepdaughter is now beyond angry with her and her husband and has even accused them of “ruining her future.” And honestly, she does feel for her stepdaughter and wishes she could help.

“But I am also not about to co-sign on loans when she has these benefits at the ready for her to use due to her father’s time in the service,” she vented.

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