She’s Sharing 3 Signs That A Bride And Groom Won’t Last Long After The Wedding

olegparylyak - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Did you know you can spot the cracks in a marriage as soon as the day of the wedding? While it might be cold to predict the downfall of a couple’s relationship on their wedding day, the earlier you notice the warning signs, the better.

TikToker Shayla Herrington (@shaylamherrington) is a wedding photographer, and she’s discussing three telltale signs that a married couple will eventually call it quits.

The knowledge she’s sharing was given to her by a photographer who has been shooting weddings for over ten years.

And based on Shayla’s own experiences and from observing the bride and groom, the theories make a lot of sense to her.

The first indicator is if one of the spouses will take more than three family photos without the other spouse.

Shayla notes that it’s common to take a few pictures alone with your parents, but to kick your spouse out of more than three photos seems suspicious.

The second clue that a marriage won’t last is if the bridesmaids or groomsmen avoid mentioning the spouse in their toasts or speeches.

When that happens, it’s typically because the wedding party doesn’t like the spouse.

And the last sign is if a spouse spends more time with their friends and family members at the reception rather than with their new husband or wife.

olegparylyak – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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