These Wedding Guests Are Sharing Their Stories Where Someone Actually Objected

Grooms Who Objected To Their Own Nuptials

“I know a guy that was the videographer at a wedding where the groom was the one that objected to the wedding at that point. When the priest asked if anyone objected, the groom broke down crying and said that he couldn’t go through with the wedding.”

“Apparently, he had gotten a [dancer] pregnant and felt he had to marry the [dancer] instead of the bride.”

“He got pulled into a side room by the officiant, his father, and the father of the bride while everyone else– including the bride– stood around awkwardly. A few minutes later, the father of the bride came out and told everyone that the ceremony was over and the wedding was off, but that everyone was welcome to go to the reception and enjoy the food.”

“My friend didn’t stick around for the reception, so I have no idea how it all turned out. But apparently, the bride was understandably not taking it well.”


“A groom found out that the bride was cheating two days before the wedding day. He spilled the beans while exchanging the vows.”


A Grandma Did Not Approve

“My uncle was getting married. It was small, just a handful of family and a minister. I was videotaping.”

“My grandmother was not into it at all. With each line spoken by the minister, she had a cutting, sarcastic response. I could not believe it. It was so unlike her.”

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