Grandmillennial Style Takes The Best Decor Items From Many of Our Grandmas And Puts A Modern Spin On Them - - illustrative purposes only

Decorating a new space is always a fun and creative experience, but it can often be hard to pinpoint which aesthetics you like and want to incorporate into your home.

If you’re looking for something fresh yet simultaneously nostalgic, look no further than Grandmillennial Design.

Also called “Grandma Chic,” Grandmillennial Design takes the best decor ideas from many of our grandmothers and puts a modern spin on them.

This aesthetic is all about creating a space that has the comfort of grandma’s house and touches of modernity that you love.

When it comes to choosing furniture for this design style, there are a few colors and textures that you should keep an eye out for. Darker woods such as cherry and mahogany are a good choice, but white furniture would work as well if you pair it with a fun patterned pillow.

Additionally, wicker furniture is a great option, which, along with everything mentioned, can always be found at thrift stores or from resellers online.

Speaking of thrift stores, next time you’re browsing at one, keep your eye out for tasteful antiques and vintage items that you think would tie in nicely when creating this Granny Chic space.

Things like wooden picture frames, antique-style standing lamps, lace, crystal, needlepoint pillows, and items made of vintage brass are all good pieces to get your hands on.

If you’ve inherited your grandmother’s crystal, china, or tea set collection, use this opportunity as a chance to display it all beautifully. Otherwise, you can find items with a similar antique feel and place your collection up on some open shelving or in a cabinet with a clear glass door. – – illustrative purposes only

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