He Told His 10-Year-Old Niece To Stay Away From His Kids And Play By Herself When She’s Over At Their House

Julia Keller - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This father and his wife take care of their 10-year-old niece every day from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., while her mother sleeps during the day after working night shifts at work.

He and his wife also have two kids of their own, a 12-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son. And because of some issues with anger and regulating his emotions, he believes that his son is going undiagnosed with some sort of neurodivergence.

So, they have tried to get an evaluation through his son’s doctor, but there has been no luck as of yet.

He describes his son as a very active child, constantly running and jumping and moving around. Even when he is sitting still with his tablet keeping him calm, he will often be making loud vocal sounds, which he assumes is his son’s way of stimming.

“But, like, even if he is having a fantastic day, all it takes is one super minor trigger, and all bets are off,” he explained.

Although his wife is typically able to calm down their son quickly when he becomes overwhelmed, their niece triggers him very easily. His niece treats his son poorly and has even convinced his daughter to join in on this behavior.

“She purposely makes him feel like he isn’t included or she doesn’t want him around, but she will make sure to manipulate my daughter into not including her brother too. It’s been causing one too many freakouts,” he said.

It’s getting to the point where he is becoming so frustrated with his niece’s behavior toward his son that he has tried to tell her to cut it out on multiple occasions.

Despite this, she still continues to talk badly about his son and himself. She’s becoming a bad influence on his daughter, who is typically a sweet and drama-free kid.

Julia Keller – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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