Her Boyfriend Dumped Her Out of Nowhere Because He Was Looking For A Wife And Didn’t See Her As That

Dennis - - illustrative purposes only

Starting a relationship is one of the most risky things you can do. Matters of the heart are complicated and not something that should be taken lightly.

So it can be painfully devastating when someone you trusted and invited into your world suddenly and unexpectedly wants to end your relationship.

TikToker Liz Mina (@lizmina5) was left in utter disbelief when her boyfriend broke up with her out of the blue after they had been together for two months.

To Liz, the breakup came out of nowhere because everything had been totally fine until that one fateful day. That day, they had plans to hang out together at her place after he went to the beach with his friends.

Throughout the day, she noticed that something was off. He didn’t text her good morning, was super slow in responding to her texts, and was vague about their plans for the evening.

The second that Liz opened the door to let him in, he immediately told her they needed to talk. Then, he dropped the news, saying that they should break up because he was looking for a wife, and he didn’t see her as that.

Liz asked if the reason for their breakup was due to something that she said or did. She was completely caught off guard because he was the one who had asked her to be his girlfriend after four weeks of dating and even introduced her to all his friends.

He explained that she hadn’t done anything wrong and actually thought she was an amazing person. This did not help clarify things for Liz. In fact, she became even more confused.

She questioned why he even asked her to be his girlfriend if he couldn’t see her as his wife. Apparently, he saw some potential with her at the time, but nothing really clicked.

Dennis – – illustrative purposes only

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