Her Boyfriend Had A Panic Attack The First Time They Went Scuba Diving, And When She Asked Him To Try It Again, He Got Upset

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Have you ever been scuba diving on vacation? Some people who have done it say it’s one of the best experiences they’ve ever had. However, diving into the ocean doesn’t sound all that fun for some people. 

One young woman recently upset her boyfriend after she tried to persuade him to give scuba diving another go, even though he had a panic attack the first time they did it.

She’s 22-years-old and recently went on vacation to Tanzania with her boyfriend, Josh. They decided to sign up for a scuba diving course to learn the proper skills to go scuba diving and have some fun.

The course lasted a few days until it was time for their instructors to bring them out into the ocean and scuba dive for real.

She had a blast scuba diving, but Josh was a different story. Although he’s a strong swimmer, he started having anxiety and panicked the second he went underwater. He quickly surfaced and told her he felt a panic attack going on. 

Josh wanted to quit scuba diving early and sit on the beach with her.

“I gently persuaded him to give it another go because I know he would regret it later if he didn’t at least try and waste all the money he spent,” she said.

“He did give it another go but struggled and sat on the beach, so the rest of us went back out and had a great time.”

Once she finished, she told Josh about all the fun she had and the fish she saw. He seemed genuinely happy for her but didn’t mention wanting to try it again.

LuckyStep – – illustrative purposes only

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