Her Cousin Said She Was Just Seeking Attention When She Mentioned She Wouldn’t Like The Cake She Baked At A Family Gathering

Magdalena Bujak - - illustrative purposes only

Have you ever made a comment about someone’s cooking or baking and unintentionally offended them?

One teenager said she wouldn’t like eating a cake her cousin baked for a family gathering out loud and ended up causing some family drama. 

She’s 17-years-old and was diagnosed with autism a few months ago. 

“I’ve displayed traits of [being neurodivergent] since I was a little kid,” she explained.

“One of these traits was a major dislike of certain tastes and textures, as well as not always behaving accordingly in certain social situations. Not a lot of my extended family knows because I don’t see them very often.”

Recently, she saw some of her extended family at a big gathering. There were lots of different food, drinks, and conversations going around.

At one point, one of her relatives brought out a big cake. It was a sponge cake with whipped cream and topped with several kinds of fruit, including raspberries and strawberries. Those berries tend to agitate her sensory issues. 

Once she saw the cake, she made a comment to herself about how she wouldn’t like it, so she set down the paper plate she was holding and walked away.

While she thought she was speaking quietly to herself, her cousin, who had baked the cake, heard her.

Magdalena Bujak – – illustrative purposes only

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