Her Fiancé’s Net Worth Is In The High 8-Figures, And She’s Curious If The Terms He Put Forth In Their Prenup Are Reasonable

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This 22-year-old girl is currently engaged to a guy a decade older than her, and they met about 2 years ago.

She fell head over heels for him pretty quickly after meeting him, and a couple of weeks into dating, he revealed to her that if they did go on to get married, he wanted one thing.

That thing was for her to be a stay-at-home housewife for him. She honestly was more than alright with that idea, as before she started dating him, she hoped to be able to be a stay-at-home housewife someday.

“A couple of days ago, he brought me a prenup and told me to discuss it with my parents,” she explained.

“We all thought it was more than reasonable. I also talked to a close friend about it, and she thinks I should ask for more, considering his net worth is in the high eight figures, but I disagree. In a week, we will go speak with our lawyers, he will be retaining one for me.”

As she said, she and her parents don’t think there is anything in the prenup that raises red flags, and the terms are as follows:

If they acquire any property prior to getting married, it will remain separate, along with any kind of appreciation of those properties.

Any properties they own together will be split up and liquidated in the event they do divorce. She does know that he wants to purchase a townhouse in a city as soon as they get officially married. She also knows that he would like to buy a few vacation homes for them too.

The prenup also says she waives the right to any temporary alimony.

ID 214251456 – © Illuminatu – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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