Her Husband Got Mad At Her For Being On A Work Call When They Took Their Toddler To The Doctor, So She Pointed Out That He’s Capable of Handling Things

nenetus - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This 32-year-old woman and her 36-year-old husband have a daughter together who is almost 2 now. Because she moved from another country a couple of years ago, her current driver’s license is not valid where she lives.

She knows that she needs to get this sorted out as soon as possible so that she can legally drive, but it seems like something always comes up when trying to schedule the test.

While she works from home, her husband takes their daughter to daycare on his way to his office and picks her up on his way home.

Whenever her daughter needs to go to a doctor’s appointment, she schedules time off of work so that she can go either with him or her mother-in-law and her daughter.

Recently, however, her daughter was feeling so sick that she had to be picked up from daycare in the middle of the day and taken to the doctor. Even though she had meetings scheduled, she wanted to be there with her daughter and husband.

“So I joined with my headphones in and went with them to the doctor’s and tried to help as much as I could AND gave a lot more assistance to a trainee with a client than I was expecting to need to give, so I had to step out a few times,” she explained.

Apparently, whenever she was out of the room, her daughter was a bit uncooperative, as toddlers sometimes are, especially in a doctor’s office. However, her husband got upset with her that she needed to pay attention to the work call a bit more than she originally had thought.

It was getting overwhelming for her to try to be present both on the call and with her family, so she ended up leaving the meeting a bit early.

Still, the couple was stressed about the circumstances, and she reminded him that she does everything she can to make things as convenient as possible and is there with him at every doctor’s appointment for their daughter.

nenetus – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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