Her Husband Has Been Selling Her Personal Belongings For Low Prices Online Without Even Asking Her First

sepy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s husband is currently doing a bit of spring cleaning at their house and has been selling things that they don’t use anymore online.

Some items he’s chosen to sell off recently include their old shoe rack, garden furniture, and a monitor she doesn’t use anymore. Apparently, he just wakes up every morning, decides what he wants to list online, and the items typically sell within the same day.

She hasn’t been very involved in the selling, though, since her husband has been letting their items go for rather cheap prices. And she can get a bit sensitive about how low he’s selling their belongings for.

“For example, the monitor was bought in 2020 for about $200 and was sold for $15,” she explained.

“But, I agree that it was not in use.”

However, just yesterday, she thought that her husband seriously crossed a line by selling off one of her cherished items.

For context, about two years ago, he bought her a sewing machine that cost $300 since she was interested in pursuing sewing as a hobby.

“But we have been quite busy since, and to date, I have only used it once,” she explained.

Nonetheless, her husband decided to just sell her sewing machine. What’s worse is he let it go for a mere $20 without even asking her first!

sepy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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