Her Sister Left In Tears After She Quizzed Her On What She Actually Knows About Homeschooling Her Child

Catherine - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman admits that she does not like homeschooling at all. She believes that it is basically impossible to correctly homeschool your children in a way that properly addresses their development socially and educationally.

She did go to an awful public school, just for the record. Anyway, her sister has been saying she’s going to homeschool her daughter, and that she and her husband will step in to be the teachers.

The problem is that her sister and her sister’s husband aren’t that smart, and she doesn’t see how they’re fit to teach.

“My sister and her husband are not the brightest people, much more physical labor people than understanding math,” she explained.

“I tried to ask if that was a good idea but she basically said how hard could it be. So I started quizzing her and these were not hard questions.”

“For example, I asked what a verb was, name the planets, and a simple math problem ( literally asked her to do division). She could only name a few planets and she gave the definition for an adjective, not a verb. Also just completely wrong with the math. It was kind of sad.”

“I told her the right answer and asked if she can’t do it how will she teach the kid to read or any math.”

Her sister accused her of being a jerk, and then she walked off crying. Since that all went down, her sister’s husband has been all over her about the incident.

As for her mom, her mom thinks that by confronting her sister, she was just doing the right thing, as clearly her sister isn’t cut out to homeschool her child and set her up for success.

Catherine – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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