Her Son Is Disrespectful And Unemployed, So She Wants To Kick Him Out Or Just Move Without Telling Him

Mila Supinskaya - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 57-year-old mother is struggling with what to do about her oldest child. She has an 18-year-old daughter and a 20-year-old son, but because of his behavior, she is really leaning toward kicking her son out of the house.

Her son has been unemployed for around seven months and has not done much to change it. She says that his video game addiction has gotten out of control and that he also hates to shower regularly or keep up with his personal hygiene.

In addition, he struggles to keep his room clean, to the point that roaches are in his room feeding off of things like dried-up ketchup on his dishes. He also invites friends over constantly while she’s working, even though she has repeatedly told him not to.

“If I tell him to do any small chore while I’m gone, not only does it almost never get done unless his girlfriend is coming over. At one point, his friend that he had over ended up taking out the trash because my son would not get off the video game,” she explained.

She often has to get up super early to go to work and asks her son to keep quiet or go to bed so that she can rest. However, he continues to shout loudly and curse while playing video games in the room right next to where she is trying to sleep.

She’s even overheard him telling his friends that he is the one who pays the bills and could kick her and her daughter out if he wanted to.

He took a couple of classes at a community college before dropping out and used all of his high school graduation money on ordering food and going out with his friends. He has repeatedly stolen money from his sister and, one night, even used his mom’s car for a lot longer than he had originally told her.

“I told him he couldn’t be trusted and I’d never let him have my car again because of how blatantly disrespectful he was. He just shrugged his shoulders and said ok, as if silently telling me to get over it,” she said.

Because of his behavior, she is contemplating either moving or taking him off of the lease and cutting his phone off of her plan when her daughter leaves for college. She’s had countless conversations with him about his manners, but he doesn’t seem to care enough to change them in any way.

Mila Supinskaya – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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