His Elderly Neighbor Says He’s Putting Her Out of Business Now That He’s Selling Vinyl Records Online

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This 20-year-old guy offered to help out his 75-year-old neighbor by selling some of her antique vinyl records on eBay. However, it ended up being a lot more hassle than it was worth.

He was doing a lot of the hard work for her, including making up these listings, photographing the records, grading them, and selling them.

All she had to do was supply the records and hit the post button, and she had agreed to give him 50% of the profit she made as a thank-you for all of his help with the endeavor.

“She has a reputation for being a manipulative cow, but I thought, you know, being helpful and making a penny or two, why not?” he explained.

The selling of these records ended up being a lot more involved than he originally had thought. Each day, interested buyers were messaging him nonstop with questions or requests. He would often get over 20 messages a day regarding his neighbor’s records.

While they ended up selling a few, his neighbor wasn’t quite pleased with the amount of money they were getting. They were not making as much as she had anticipated, so she asked him to stop and told him that she was just going to donate the rest of the records.

He had a feeling, though, that she wasn’t being truthful and was feeling frustrated that she wanted to stop now after all of the time he spent helping her.

So, he decided that he would try to sell some records he found at thrift stores. He ended up being pretty successful, and the algorithm was in his favor.

Soon enough, he finds out that his neighbor was trying to sell her records again by herself, but because his listings were more successful, her listings were getting fewer views than they had before.

rgvc – – illustrative purposes only

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