Her Adoptive Parents Changed Her Name From Summer, So She Recently Made That Her Middle Name, And Now They Feel Like She’s Trying To Erase Them

VICHIZH - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman was adopted at birth and didn’t know about it until she was 16. A relative actually told her out of spite due to family drama, and she felt her whole world start to crumble.

She was extremely upset that she was lied to for her whole life and even more upset that her adoptive parents acted like she was overacting over this news.

At 18, she began going to therapy, and there were about 5 years of her young adult life when she didn’t communicate with her parents. However, they seem to have a better relationship now, and she’s still grateful for them at the end of the day.

“Eventually, they apologized and began going to therapy themselves. We’ve slowly rebuilt our relationship. They have since accepted my search for my bio family and, upon finding my bio mom, have been amazing with her,” she explained.

She later learned that her birth parents were essentially forced to give her up. Both of them were very young and didn’t have a lot of support, so although they would have loved to keep her, they simply could not.

Because it was a private adoption, she also was never supposed to know that she was adopted. And while her birth father sadly passed away, she still feels very lucky to know and be able to meet her birth mother.

“My biological mom and I have known each other for four years now. She is an amazing, kind and generous woman who is just like me. I spent so long feeling unseen and different. She was like completing a puzzle,” she said.

One day, her birth mother told her that they had originally named her Summer when she was born, and although her mother understood about the adoptive parents changing it, she could tell that the name meant a lot to her mom.

She learned that her mother’s favorite season is Summer and that she was actually born on the first day of Summer, hence her name.

VICHIZH – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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