His Girlfriend’s Angry She Wasn’t Invited To A Celebratory Dinner With His Parents And Friends

Monkey Business - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Ever since this 26-year-old guy was a teenager, he has been volunteering with a local community outreach organization. This year, the organization also sponsored one of his town’s festivals.

“I was really excited and nervous about this because I was helping organize and run our booth and speak to raise awareness about what we do,” he recalled.

During the festival, he was also one of two people chosen to speak on stage about the organization’s mission. So, the impending public speaking made him even more nervous on top of his other responsibilities.

Given his large role in the festival, though, and the fact that it was free admission, he decided to ask some of his friends and family to attend for support.

“Especially the way I was going to be speaking and to please just give feedback about how we all did,” he added.

However, about two weeks ago, his 27-year-old girlfriend sadly had to put her cat down. And ever since losing her beloved pet, she has been really depressed.

That’s why he’s been trying to do everything he can to be there for his girlfriend on top of preparing for the festival. He also asked if she would stop by the festival for a little while on one of the days, and she claimed that she would try.

Yet, unfortunately, his girlfriend never showed up for any of the three days of the festival. She also reportedly claimed that she just wasn’t ready to be around a bunch of people.

Still, his parents and some friends did attend, and he really appreciated their support. After the festival, his parents even offered to take him, his friends, and another person working the booth out to dinner for a congratulatory meal.

Monkey Business – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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