His Wife Cheated On Him With A Coworker, And She Can’t Understand Why He Doesn’t Want Her To Keep Hanging Out With This Guy

Strelciuc - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy’s wife has been getting really close to a guy at work over the last couple of months. He knows his wife texts this guy a lot, and she does spend time with him at work too.

Also, his wife will go out and get food with this guy when they’re done for the day. Several months back, his wife even met this guy to go play pool one evening.

That same night his wife went to play pool with this guy, he later found out that his wife cheated on him with this guy in his car.

“She eventually told me about it after the fact, which led to a big argument where I almost left her,” he explained.

“Ended up staying with her, but I told her I did not want her hanging out with this person or any other guy by herself in any date-like setting. I told her I would be ok if she hung out with people in a group, like if it was two other people and her.”

“Well, tomorrow she is planning to go golfing with the person she’s done stuff with in the past and one other coworker. She still wants to be friends with them and spend time with them, but that really upsets me.”

His wife shot back that she feels upset that he’s so bothered about her wanting to go golf with the coworker who she cheated on him with and a second coworker.

His wife then said she does not want to feel limited with what she can do socially, and she will keep hanging out with the guy she cheated on him with.

She also believes he shouldn’t care about the golf outing since there will be another person going with her and her male coworker.

Strelciuc – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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