Living In The Now Will Empower You To Create Amazing Experiences For Yourself

Look! - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Being present in the moment isn’t always easy. We’re often so worried about the future or constantly ruminating over the past that we forget to enjoy our current lives and miss what’s going on around us.

But what if we could slow down and learn to be mindful of what is happening right now? When we live in the moment, life itself becomes more meaningful and full of enrichment. Here’s how you can start living in the now and enjoy today.

Do you ever catch yourself zoning out in the middle of an activity? Maybe you suddenly remembered something embarrassing that happened a month ago, or you could be anxious about work. Either way, these unwanted thoughts are preventing you from fully engaging in your daily experiences.

To bring yourself back to the present, try using a technique called grounding. Grounding helps you stay connected to the present by focusing on your sensory experience.

Take notice of what you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel. Who are the people around you right now, and what colors and objects can you spot?

Perhaps you’re on a picnic at a park, eating a ham and cheese sandwich. You’re sitting on a picnic blanket, and it smells like freshly mowed grass. Off in the distance, children are climbing on a play structure. Put those details into words to help reorient yourself to the here and now.

If it seems like your brain often goes a mile a minute with thoughts, practicing mindfulness and meditation may calm you down when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Throughout the day, give your tasks your full attention. Set at least one goal that you want to accomplish for the day, and avoid multitasking. Being mindful can improve your quality of sleep and well-being and reduce any physical aches and pains.

Furthermore, make an effort to eliminate distractions to create an environment you want to be in. Set your phone down and turn off all notifications. Try to avoid using it before bed or during meals.

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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