Her Wedding Caterers Took Home Food And Drinks Behind Her Back

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Allowing friends to play a part in your wedding day can make the event all the more special. But sometimes, it can cause tension and even damage friendships.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened to this woman who got married in Finland. She and her fiancé hired her best friends to cater their wedding.

Even though her friends aren’t professional caterers, she has hired them in the past for baptisms and birthday parties because they make fantastic food.

On Monday, the day after the wedding, she and her fiancé met up with her friends to make the cash payment for their catering services.

Her friends didn’t want to do a bank transfer because they didn’t want to pay taxes, so they met up in person while she and her fiancé were cleaning up their venue after the wedding reception and before her friends had other sets of orders to take care of that day.

Even though this should have been a straightforward situation, she ended up hearing some upsetting information.

“I mentioned that I was surprised that we did not have any leftovers from the main dish. All we had was the appetizers, salads, and fruits. Then my ‘friend’ mentioned that they had so much food that they had to give it away. She said that even their neighbors got the food from our wedding,” she explained.

Shockingly, when she rightfully asked why she and her fiancé hadn’t been able to take any of the leftover main dish home, her friend got frustrated and told her to ask her father-in-law.

So, once she got home after paying her friends for the catering, she talked to her father-in-law, who was at her and her fiancé’s house watching their daughter.

tonefotografia – – illustrative purposes only

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