She Decided To Prank The Guy That She’s Been Dating For One Week With Some Serious Wifey Stuff

fesenko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

We all know about the type of guy who wants a woman who can do ‘wifey things’ for him. Whether it’s booking him an appointment, scheduling his social events, or planning a trip, many men like to go along with whatever their wife tells them.

But at what point is it too soon for those things to start?

TikTok creator Markiesha (@mamaalivinn) shares footage of her pulling a hilarious prank on the guy she’s been talking to for a week by telling him about a bunch of wifey things she’s done for him.

She couldn’t wait to hear his reaction and was constantly muting the call so that he wouldn’t hear her and her friend dying of laughter!

When she gets on the phone with the guy, Markiesha starts off by trying to keep her tone nonchalant and straight to the point, but she can barely hold it together!

She told him that she booked him a dentist appointment for the following week, and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was so confused!

She tried to explain to him that she did this out of love and wanted to be proactive about his dental health, all while calling him pet names like ‘honey.’

For a second, an insecurity crept in, and he asked if his teeth were terrible, which she quickly reassured him that she loved his teeth and that she just booked the appointment because she was there at the dentist’s office. Once she told him that she was simply doing wifey things, he started to wonder if she was joking or not!

Still, she continued the joke by telling him that she and her friend booked a couple’s photoshoot for them and a few others. Plus, she had even picked out their family outfits already! He continued to laugh but didn’t appear too freaked out by all of the ideas she was throwing out there.

fesenko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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